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Christmas or birthday onesie

Birthday or anytime present Onesie ?

Haven’t you always wanted a custom made Costume or Onesie? – We can custom make it for you at AUSSIE ONESIES Australian Made unique clothing factory. Mens, Ladies, Childrens or Super sizes available with no limitations ! Sick of cheap imports that dont last ? How about a unique Onesie made with better quality fabrics? Whatever design costume or Onesie you would like we can make it for you in a few days.

Aussie Onesies of Western Victoria for a quick turnaround guaranteed 03 55946370 or email us : Here to answer the phone 7 daysAdults Onesies Australia Christmas


Its not often you find an Australian company prepared to take the giant Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Asian clothing manufacturers head on . In Western Victoria a small Onesie Pyjama manufacturer has set up a roadside on farm factory dedicated to manufacturing Pyjamas and One piece clothing to custom measurements to individuals designs. Aussie Onesies /Jumpsuit Jamas have been nestled in a small rural area of the Western district since 2010 .Beginning in 2008 in Ballarat Lynda Page and husband Peter have filled a demand in the Australian marketplace for All sizes of made to order Onesies either Costumes styles with a difference or 23 plain and 5 patterned designs.-

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