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Aussie custom made Onesie?


Have you considered an Aussie Custom made Onesie using better quality or locally made fabrics as a birthday gift ? Birthday Onesie!  Whether your loved one is tiny. large, loves the cold. hates the cold, or likes to keep snug in lightweight cotton for sensitive skin people. You may prefer and appreciates better quality luxurious Polar Fleece well we can manufacture a design for you with a fabric to suit your climate?

Having a garment custom made in Australia you would normally expect it to be much more than under a hundred dollars, however our adults prices begin at just $79 and toddlers at $49 ,custom designed to fit you properly – Now thats true service, made and delivered to your door in just a few days guaranteed Australia wide . You are dealing with a small family factory in Western Victoria commmitted to having clothing that is cut correctly and that makes you warm comfortable in all weather climates and also makes you happy! Specially chosen Australian and some better quality overseas fabrics are personally selected to guarantee that you have the absolute best quality exclusive garment and not available in shops. Not all Onesie companies are the same. If you ask yourself what do I get for my money well, heres the answer!  Custom made exclusively by us in our small factory in Western Victoria.   You’ll get a true Australian made garment for very little more  than overseas  imports . We offer Better Quality – Better Fabrics – Better Onesies  All within 3 days on average we actually cut out your chosen fabric to your dimensions  create your garment by professional dressmaker and  have it at your preferred address in a very short turnaround time-  No one else custom manufactures the way we do and no one else in Australia can match that service.   So buy with confidence and  be assured we guarantee the finished product will fit you.

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