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Empoleun 1 Pokemon

Pokemon Costume Empoleum & Prinplup


Empoleun 1 PokemonPokémon Empoleum and Prinplup Costumes . For real enthusiasts only!  Prinplup 4You’ve seen the show, now get your very own Pokemon Costume! We design custom made Pokemon Costumes that are detailed and look amazing.


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Product Description

If you love Pokemon then you’ll love our Pokemon Costume selection. Choose from the popular and realistic Pokemon characters Empoleon and Prinplup. Other characters can be made on request.

These are not just for anybody, they’re for real Pokemon enthusiasts! So Theres a lot of hard work and time for us in making this for you.Your chance to make a big entrance in your exclusive character, all custom made to fit! All manufactured locally in Australia

Why Choose Aussie Onesies?

Not all Onesie companies are the same. If you ask yourself what do I get for my money well, heres the answer!  Custom made exclusively by us in our small factory in Western Victoria.   You’ll get a true Australian made garment for very little more  than overseas  imports . We offer Better Quality – Better Fabrics – Better Onesies  All within 3 days on average we actually cut out your chosen fabric to your dimensions  create your garment by professional dressmaker and  have it at your preferred address in a very short turnaround time-  No one else custom manufactures the way we do and no one else in Australia can match that service.   So buy with confidence and  be assured we guarantee the finished product will fit you.  Unlike 90% of all other resellers in Australia we are here to answer the phone 7 days to discuss  your requirements.

Its not often you find an Australian company prepared to take the giant Chinese and Indian and Asian clothing manufacturers head on . In Western Victoria a small Onesie Pyjama manufacturer has set up a roadside on farm factory dedicated to manufacturing Pyjamas and One piece clothing to custom measurements  and  individuals designs.  Aussie Onesies /Jumpsuit Jamas have been nestled in a small rural area of the Western district since 2010 .Beginning in 2008 in Ballarat Lynda Page and husband Peter have filled a demand in the Australian marketplace for All sizes of made to order Onesies either Costumes styles with a difference or 23 plain and 5 patterned designs.

Pokemon2 EmoleonPokemon Pokemon 10710624_1535429123361353_4724445306737477833_n Prinplup Pokemon2 Prinplup 4 Prinplup pokemonEmpoleum 1 pokemon

Empoleun 1 Pokemon


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