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Onesies made in Australia

Adults Onesies Australia ChristmasDid you know the fad of Onesies has undoubtedly proven to be the biggest fashion trend to sweep the world in decades. There is a definite need for Onesies made in Australia. One company meets that market perfectly. You only have to look at the resellers in Australia over 2013 to 2015 to get a feeling of the breadth of the potential retail centre. Although the most popular product has proven to be Animal looking costume style garments.  The popularity of better quality fabric one piece pyjamas has remained a first choice mainly for ladies of all ages simply for the warmth, practicality and comfort factor. This applies to men also in the darker masculine colours. Children’s demand generally remains constant due to their growth, convenience, characters, birthdays and Christmas.

Well what do people want to have in a fleecy pyjama or costume Onesie?  Well that’s a good question. The answer is undoubtedly everyone has varied interests and tastes so therefore an endless assortment of requirements and tastes need to be addressed in the marketplace. Today although many companies have chosen not to continue their buying due to demand fall off. One company which is a manufacturer in Australia stands well above the other resellers because of the fact of actual products being totally manufactured right here in Australia.  The very best Polar fleece available in the world is available to be purchased by the metre or made into your favourite garment one piece pyjamas. Aussie Onesies and Jumpsuit Jamas Australia are situated in a small rural region in a roadside factory nestled in Victoria’s Dairy region of Western Victoria. Traditional pyjamas as warm snug garments are ever popular closely followed by custom made characters created to peoples favourite cartoons, movies and animals .”Our garments have proper 3 dimensional character heads “Lynda page says. “We like to create a genuine looking animals unlike some other sweat shop made, ill fitting, very light fabric clothing with faces that all look similar”.

Lynda Page and her husband Peter have been making custom designs in a professional business since 2008 and prior that Lynda had made these garments for locals and family members for over thirty years. Lynda encourages ladies of all sizes now can have custom made polar fleece pyjamas no matter what size you are! No exceptions! “The largest we have made was for a larger size lady who was heavily pregnant and also 6′ ft 2″ (188 cm plus) and 63 inches (148 plus cm ) hips” . ”So we can fit you”! she says. Another recent request was for a super large  Minion 2 character costume for a variety bash to be worn over bike gear and covering the helmet as well. The size proved to be 6′ ft 4” and 75 inches around chest. A school request was sent in for an 18 year old African American student being 6 ft 8″ tall and needed a Pig costume in Hot pink. Lynda is shown holding the garment at left.about-us


DSC03365You can contact Lynda if you have an inquiry at 03 55946370 or mobile 0400 617246 or  2 websites to choose selections from:   Unlike most companies you can ring 7 days or email your questions.

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